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eLearning Study Materials for Mechanical Engineering Students

Jan 22, 2016

Mechanical engineering is considered to be that discipline of engineering which has the widest scope of learning. It comprises different areas of study such as motion, dynamics, machines, energy, manufacturing and even robotics. There is, therefore, a huge demand for mechanical engineers in almost all kinds of industries. Generally a mechanical engineering is most likely to be doing one of the following:
– Inspect issues and solve them
– Create working models of proposed devices and conduct tests on them to verify their design and functionality
– Perform an analysis of the test results and make requisite fixes
– Monitor process such as design and manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering Study Materials

In today’s age, with the rapid progress that eLearning has made, most mechanical engineering study materials are available on the internet. Mechanical engineering, as aforementioned, encompasses several sub-disciplines that are studied separately. Some of the notable sub-disciplines are described as follows:

1)Materials and Metallurgy – Engineering Materials and Metallurgy covers the basics of Crystal structure, Ferrous and Non ferrous Materials, semiconductors, alloys and along with their properties and testing. It also covers different heat treatment processes, phase transformation curves and related terms in detail.

2)Machine Design – Machine Design deals with designing of a machine and its elements to serve the purpose of fulfilling the Mechanical Objective, Optimum Material usage along with safety of operation. The Design process involves the application of scientific principles, technical knowledge and creative skills to meet the required criterion. The subject covers the designing of Transmission Shafts, Keys and Couplings, Fasteners, Lever, Pipe Joints etc.

3)Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning covers basics of Thermodynamics properties that are used in understanding the concepts of Refrigeration. It also covers types of Refrigeration systems, refrigerants and their properties, psychometric processes and Air conditioning basics.

4)Strength of Materials – Strength of a Material refers to the maximum internal resistance offered by a material to an external load. The load tries to deform a body, thus stress and strain develops in a body. This subject deals with the analysis of Stress and Strain in different loading conditions. The subject Strength of Material is also called Mechanics of Solids and Mechanics of Deformable Material.

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