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First Year Engineering Study Materials for eLearning

Jan 15, 2016

Since the advent of digital learning or eLearning courses, many students have switched to online studying. eLearning or digital learning is not just a way of learning that is technologically advanced but also a means to study and learn independently from anywhere at any time. It provides learners with the freedom to pick their own subjects and study at their own pace and convenience.

Magic Marks is India’s largest and most rapidly growing eLearning platform for engineers. It provides engineering students with superior quality video tutorials with rich 2D-animation and an easy-to-understand voice-over. The engineering disciplines offered by Magic Marks include First Year, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering. Apart from the courses, Magic Marks also provides students with self-assessment tests comprising MCQs as well as subjective type questions. The tutorials provided are quite comprehensive that enable students to grasp important engineering concepts quicker.

First Year Engineering Study Materials
Nowadays, with the meteoric rise of digital learning, a lot of first year engineering study materials are available online. First Year Engineering comprises a wide range of topics, the basics of which every engineer must learn to set a solid foundation to their education. The major subjects along with a brief description is given as follows:

Engineering Graphics
Engineering Graphics deals with drawing of 2D and 3D projection of points, lines, objects, surfaces and solid sections. Drawing helps in grasping 3D concepts and forms a major part of communication of Engineering Principles. The student learns about intersection of surfaces, isometric projections and engineering curves in full detail.

Engineering Mechanic
Engineering Mechanics deals with basics principles of bodies in motion. The student learns about different forces and their types such as Laws of Motion, Laws of Friction, Moment of Inertia of sections etc. Cover Kinematics and Kinetics of Rigid Body are also covered under this. So, this course is a basic introduction to the principles involved in Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Chemistry basically provides an introduction to the basic concepts and phenomenon of fundamental chemistry and applied chemistry that will help to build an interface of theoretical concepts with their practical applications. It includes the study of water and its treatment processes, photochemistry, corrosion processes, molecular spectroscopy, basics of nano-chemistry and polymer compounds.

Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Mathematics is a branch of science that deals with the Mathematical Methods and Techniques that are typically used in Engineering and Industry. The subject covers the study of Successive Differentiation, Partial Differentiation and its Applications, Vector Calculus etc.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Processes deals with the learning basics of several manufacturing processes. The different manufacturing processes covered are casting, forming, welding, material removal processes etc. Basics of Testing and Inspection Mechanisms are also covered.


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