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How can Students make Digital Learning in Engineering more Effective?

Dec 24, 2015

One of the biggest benefits of studying engineering through eLearning is that the students can study at their own convenient time, pace and place. This advantage has made digital learning extremely popular among, not only engineering students, but also learners in various other fields. There are a few basics which, when applied to digital learning engineering, enhances student engagement and interest. These basics are applicable to all types of digital learning courses such as language skills, process training skills, soft skills etc.

Basics for Effective eLearning

Some of the fundamentals that can make digital learning extremely productive are discussed as follows:

Relate to Offline Learning – A student’s level of understanding engineering concepts increases when he is able to make a connection between what he studies digitally and what he learns from classroom teaching. This connection makes eLearning a relevant experience for the student. For instance, to study a chemical engineering eLearning course, the student will require a recap of topics learnt previously to set the right base. This ensures better understanding and a firmer grasp on essential concepts.

Practical Application – When it comes to engineering, studying a lot of theory may become monotonous and unproductive if not applied practically. Therefore, an effective way to study would be to include real life scenarios, demonstrations and artificial simulations along with the theoretical concepts for a thorough understanding of the subject. Practical applications coupled with an exhaustive digital learning engineering courseware can work wonders for any engineering student.

Provide Constructive Feedback – Digital Learning programs come with assessments that help students to assess their learning and track their progress. They also provide students with a feedback section where students are encouraged to put in their suggestions, grievances or any other feedback that would help to make the platform better. Such a mechanism benefits students in the long run as the eLearning platform adapts to their needs.
MagicMarks is one of the leading digital learning portals for engineering students. Apart from its high-end courseware, it allows learners to interact with them through feedback and suggestions. Over the years it has implemented many suggestions from students to make their portal better.

Enable Social Engagements – Most of the digital learning platforms for engineering allow learners to socialize and collaborate with fellow students. They can share learning resources, milestones and even work together to discuss study topics. Students can leverage this feature to experience a higher level of engagement.

Mixed Approach – It has been observed that carefully designed blended programs tend to improve the understanding and knowledge retention of students. eLearning course content can be embedded within other learning guides such as podcasts, videos and interactive multimedia courses, to further engage students and promote their learning curve.


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