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How to Brace up for an Enriching eLearning Experience?

Sep 10, 2015

Congratulations if you have made the decision to opt for eLearning to complement your academic engineering education. Even better if you have done some research to identify the optimum vendor for the same.

However no matter how good your digital learning program is, you do not benefit until you are personally prepared to receive the benefits thereof. In this blog, we discuss the various ways through which you can obtain the best value on your time and effort spent on digital learning

Set the right expectations: Even before you set the ball rolling, it is important that you set the right expectations about the level of learning support that you expect from the program/portal. At this level, you will benefit from the pre-research that you have done before identifying a specific digital learning option.

Study the learning outcomes: Each eLearning module has a set of pre-specified learning outcomes for the learner. As a professional and well-aware student, it is imperative that you study the learning outcomes so that you are well versed with the flow of the program and are able to make the best use of it.

Prepare your learning device: Ensure that you have the right device ready to study the eLearning program for your engineering subject. The device may be PC, laptop or a tablet, depending upon the technical specifications of your digital program. The hardware specs mentioned will guide you towards confirming if your hardware is ready to host your selected eLearning Program. There are some cases in which certain graphic-intensive animations of a digital learning program require specialized hardware in the form of graphic cards/sound cards.

Form a study group: While eLearning does provide the option to study at your pace and comfort, yet for technical programs like engineering, it is a good practice to form a study group of select peers who share the same ethos towards learning and can be a robust support group for mutual learning and query-solving.

Complement with the right reference material: An eLearning or digital learning program cannot be studied in isolation and it is always worth referring professional reference material to obtain the best results. These reference sources could be online or offline such as books and whitepapers. In fact, many online learning portals provide the option of contacting them through email or chat to address specific queries and doubts.

Among the fastest growing providers of online education, Magic Marks offers digital learning solutions for students undergoing engineering courses in Indian colleges and universities. Their video tutorials and materials can also be used by students studying for competitive examinations. These are entirely visual training videos powered with 2-D animations and an English voice over to help students learn and grasp concepts easily.


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