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What Makes eLearning so Effective in Supporting Learner’s Development?

Dec 8, 2015

eLearning or digital learning is currently becoming the most popular mode of imparting education to millions around the world using the latest technology. eLearning not only provides students with learning content online but also offers assessments, evaluations, clarifications, Q&A sessions as well as visual graphics to elucidate basic concepts. In the field of engineering, digital learning is growing at a rapid rate. Since eLearning is cost-effective and provides knowledge in a well-structured manner, more and more engineering students are opting for this option. Unlike a classroom lecture, which happens only once, digital learning offers the courses online which the students can keep going back to whenever and wherever they want. The following reasons describe why eLearning has become so popular:

1)The courses can be accessed in real-time – In classroom learning, a particular schedule is followed by teachers and the students have to adhere to this schedule linearly. However, in digital learning a student can access any course from anywhere (whether home, class or even a park) at any time. The courses can be accessed through a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile phone. This easy accessibility at any point of time has made it very simple for students to pursue digital courses.

2)Knowledge retention is enhanced – Since the learning content is provided using instructional design and a combination of multimedia, students experience a unique way of acquiring knowledge which is almost 80% more retentive than normal classroom teaching. Addition of self-evaluation tests makes it a complete package enabling students to track their progress as well.

3)No fear of failing in tests – Engineering students are always wary of classroom tests as these directly affect their results and GPAs. In digital learning, the tests and assessments are designed exactly like university formats to allow students to get exam practice and get an idea of where they stand with respect to the course. Students can time themselves in these tests and identify areas where they need to focus more. Since the results of these online tests do not affect a student’s college grades, they can take them at their own pace without the fear of failing.

4)Learning in a personalized environment – Digital learning enables students to learn sitting in the comfort of their homes. The entire control is given to the learners. They can choose what to study, which areas to put extra focus on, which tests to take, what format of assessment to choose and also how to pace their learning. These benefits are not provided by classroom education.

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