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Your Best Foot Forward at Internship Interviews

Nov 25, 2019

There are many students that go through a lot of confusion, concern and crackling tension, when it comes to their experience of attending an internship interview. It can be extremely gruelling, especially for engineering students, that are not clear on their basics – even the basics required to appear for any interview in life. Read on to know how you can be certain, in the context of interview etiquette, mannerisms, and other behavioral concepts, that can help you become a better version of yourself. Read on to know about some basics that can help crack your interview, whilst being a charming, respectful and smart interviewee.

Dress to Respect
It is essential to be dressed for the part. Formals are important to reflect the interviewee’s seriousness toward landing the internship position. The clothes must be fresh, ironed and subtly colour-coordinated; shoes, on the other hand, must be clean, closed at the front, and polished. One must be mindful of their individual physical representation for the meeting.

Know About the Company
It is important to know about the company that you choose to appear for an interview. It also shows your respect for the brand, and your dedication to learn about its work and achievements. Make sure to also run through, in your mind, about where you’d fit in the organization, and how you envision contributing to its growth. This will give a good impression to the interviewer(s) about your earnest attempt to connect with the firm.

Punctuality and Humility
Be sure to reach the interview time beforehand, along with copies of any documents that they may have mentioned in the mail. It is never appreciated when an interviewee is in a rush or walks in breathless. Reach before time to take a moment to sit, gather your thoughts, take few deep breaths, and walk in the interview room with confidence.

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