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Digital Learning
Digital Learning Solution

Digital Learning Solution

The Magic Marks digital learning solution is for students studying B.Tech engineering in Indian colleges and universities. Students studying for competitive examinations can also use these eLearning materials. Our digital learning solution is entirely visual and includes 2D animations with amazing imagery and an English voice-over to help you learn easily.

Visual Learning - Rectangle
Digital Learning - Dots

eLearning for Engineering mapped to syllabus

Each subject has an eLearning plan for engineering, comprising Topics of Learning that are essential to a complete study of the subject. These topics are further classified into DEFINITIONS, DIAGRAMS, DERIVATIONS and APPLICATIONS. The Definition and Diagram topics are for concept-based learning, while the Derivation and Application materials help you solve numerical. See Introduction Videos below:

Assessment Tests can be taken anytime during semester

Assessments are a great way to know how well you are doing and how much you have learned. So rather than finding out at the end of term, we allow you to track your engineering learning across the semester. Log in, select your Subject and get access to a host of multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Assessment Tests
Engineering Video Lectures
Engineering Video Tutorials
Test Prep

Test Prep

Check how well you have prepared for your exams by using these randomly generated TestPrep questions with subjective questions. Log in and create your own TestPrep to check where you stand and improve your marks.

Engineering Tutorial
Engineering Tutorials

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