About Us

This site is promoted by Dragonfly Education Pvt Ltd, a wholly Indian company dedicated to the creation of Teaching Learning and Assessment materials and Skill Development in the higher education space. All Engineering study videos and tutorials are the proprietary work of Dragonfly Education and created solely by our company and its associates. Our vision is to build an academic movement that impacts society using scientific thought and new methodologies and create a new breed of students graduating from higher learning institutes that engage better with industry. With magicmarks.in, we want to improve the learnability of all engineering students pursuing B.Tech, Diploma courses, Gate examinations and other Engineering Technology academic programs. Dragonfly Education also has a Classroom Solution, Dragonfly Masterclass, that is being marketed directly to colleges. Our products ensure that students retain their interest and motivation levels, enhance their attitude toward learning and improve their ability to perform better. Companies and individuals wanting to partner with Dragonfly for sales and/or learning content may write to us.