Engineering Video Lectures

Video lectures and animated eLearning modules have the potential to take engineering education to an all new level. While they do not replace conventional learning methods, they complement learning outcomes by enhancing the interaction and engagement levels in the learning process.

The MagicMarks Digital learning solution is for students studying B.Tech engineering in Indian colleges and universities. Our Engineering Video Lectures are created under supervision of renowned academic experts and designed to provide you with an immersive and engaging learning experience.

The visual way of learning

MagicMarks brings you engineering video lectures that are powered with 2-D animations with amazing imagery – guided by clear and easy-to-understand voiceover. Watch how engineering concepts come alive and become far easy to comprehend as compared to books and classroom lectures.

Available in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other streams, our engineering video lectures will offer you an opportunity to make your learning experience more interactive and engaging. Our objective is to not only help you get better marks but to let you assimilate engineering concepts for use across your career.

Study at your convenience

Missed a class at college? No problem! Refresh the topic of your choice using our engineering video lectures. Why just read or study a concept when you can see it come alive on your computer screen.

With Engineering Video Lectures from MagicMarks, you can start learning a topic at your own convenient time and at your own pace. This proactive way of learning brings you better learning outcomes than conventional learning methods.

Discover the new paradigm of learning

All over the world, colleges and institutions are waking up to the benefits of eLearning. Engineering Video Lectures from MagicMarks offer you the same globally recognized advantage adapted as per the Indian education system and learning styles.

Our video content maps to the common university syllabus for engineering followed by most colleges and universities across the country. Through this website, we don't just offer you MagicMarks but also a new magical way of studying engineering.