Engineering Chemistry


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About the course

Engineering Chemistry basically provides an Introduction to the Basic Concepts and Phenomenon of Fundamental Chemistry and Applied Chemistry that will help to build an Interface of Theoretical Concepts with their Practical Applications. It includes the Study of Water and its Treatment Processes, Photochemistry, Corrosion Processes, Molecular Spectroscopy, Basics of Nano-Chemistry and Polymer Compounds.

What will you learn?

The complete online syllabus of this course comprises 10 Learning Modules | 146 Topics of Learning | 7.2 Hours of Learning | 35 Assessments


  • Water and Its Treatment
  • Photochemistry
  • Corrosion and Its Prevention
  • Spectroscopy and Its Applications
  • Polymers and Reinforced Composites
  • NanoChemistry
  • Chemical Bonding and the State of Matter
  • Reaction Kinetic, Phase Rule, and Electrochemistry
  • Structural and Mechanistic Concept of Organics
  • Analytical Method and Fuels