Strength of Materials-II


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About the course

This part of the subject, ‘Strength of Material’, deals with the Analysis of Energy Stored in a body under different loading conditions and the Application of Theories of Failure for different practical problems. The part also covers the Stress-Strain Analysis for different types of Spring and Pressure Vessels. The study also extends to Shearing in Beams, Bending of Curved Beams and Stress Analysis for Rotational Discs.

What will you learn?

The complete online syllabus of this course comprises 9 Learning Modules | 73 Topics of Learning | 3 Hours of Learning | 21 Assessments


  • Strain Energy
  • Theories of Failure
  • Helical Spring
  • Leaf and Flat Spiral Springs
  • Thin Cylindrical Pressure Vessel
  • Thick Cylindrical Pressure Vessel
  • Bending of Curved Beams
  • Shear Stress in Beams
  • Rotational Disc

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