Structural Analysis-II


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About the course

This subject is about the Design of Buildings and Non-Building Structures. The main aim is to Design Structures with Safety, Serviceability and Performance. This course covers topics such as Analysis of Beam, Plane Truss, Space Truss, Frame and Grid Subjected to Loads.

What will you learn?

The complete online syllabus of this course comprises 7 Learning Modules | 60 Topics of Learning | 3 Hours of Learning | 23 Assessments


  • Concept of Indeterminacy and Shear Force Bending Moment Diagram
  • Slope Deflection Method
  • Strain Energy
  • Moment Distribution Factor
  • Influence Lines, Cables and Arches
  • Matrix and Force Methods
  • Displacement Method and Direct stiffness Method

Topics of Learning

  • Static indeterminacy
  • Kinematic indeterminacy
  • Determination of deflections due to the applied unit load along the direction of redundant
  • Drawing the SFD
  • Drawing the BMD
  • Drawing the SFD
  • Drawing the BMD
  • Slope Deflection Method
  • Degree of freedom
  • Sign Conventions
  • Relation between displacements and moments
  • Determining the fixed end moments due to applied loads
  • Drawing the SFD
  • Drawing the BMD
  • State principle of superposition
  • Use of principle of superposition
  • Computing defelction using principle of superposition
  • strain energy concept
  • Force displacement relation
  • Elastic and inelastic strain energy
  • Differentiate between elastic and inelastic strain energy
  • State first theorem of Castigliano
  • prove first theorem of Castigliano
  • Example problem
  • State second theorem of Castigliano
  • prove second theorem of Castigliano
  • Introduction & Sign Conventions
  • Fixed end moments
  • Determining fixed end for each loaded span assuming both ends fixed
  • Calculating the stiffness factors for each span at the joint should be calculated
  • Drawing the SFD & BMD
  • Sign Conventions
  • Construction of Influence Lines
  • Concentrated load & Distributed load
  • Influence line for support reaction
  • Influence line for shear
  • Influence line for moment
  • UDL shorter than the span
  • UDL longer than the span
  • Differentiate between rigid and deformable structures
  • Define funicular structure
  • Cable subjected to Concentrated Loads
  • Cable subjected to uniform load
  • Drawing the free body diagram
  • Defining an arch advantages of arch construction
  • Identifying three-hinged two-hinged and hingeless arches
  • Claculating the moments of all forces about the hinge
  • Analysing for external loading
  • Determining the degree of static indeterminacy
  • Choosing the redundants
  • Assigning coordinates 12…. To the redundants
  • Removing the redundants to obtain the released structure
  • Selecting the redundants
  • Free body diagram of the primary structurre with unit load applied in direction of redundant 1
  • Free body diagram of the primary structurre with unit load applied in direction of redundant 2
  • Determining the deflections of the released structure
  • Drawing the SFD & BMD
  • Assigning coordinates 12…. To the independent displacement components
  • Preventing all the independent displacement components to obtain the restrained structure
  • determining the forces at the coordinates due to applied loads acting on the released structure

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