Foundation Engineering


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About the course

We are going to learn about several types of Foundations, related terms, and their advantages and limitations. We will delve into Soil Investigation and Earth Pressure. Towards the end, we cover Pile Foundation and Shallow Foundation in full detail.

What will you learn?

The complete online syllabus of this course comprises 4 Learning Modules | 101 Topics of Learning | 5.5 Hours of Learning | 15 Assessments


  • Soil Investigation
  • Earth Pressure
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Pile Foundation

Topics of Learning

  • Formation of Soils
  • Soil Particle size and shape
  • Specific Surface
  • Composition of clay minerals
  • Clay particle-water relations
  • Boring of holes
  • Sampling in soil
  • Rock core sampling
  • Standard Penetration Test
  • Static cone penetration Test
  • Exploration- Planning and Execution
  • Exploration using Seismic and Resistive methods
  • Undisturbed Soil Sample
  • Disturbed soil sample
  • Types of Soil Samplers
  • Sampler disturbances
  • Terms and Symbols used for a retaining wall
  • Lateral Earth Pressure- Introduction
  • Lateral Earth Pressure Theory
  • Lateral Earth Pressure for at rest condition
  • Merits and Demerits of Rankine’s Theory
  • Active Earth pressure for sand
  • Passive Earth Pressure for sand
  • Culmann’s Graphical Construction
  • Ultimate Bearing Capacity of soil
  • Terminology
  • Types of Failure
  • Terizaghi’s Analysis
  • Rankine’s Analysis
  • Effect of water table
  • General bearing capacity equation
  • Tests for Ultimate bearing Capacity of soil
  • IS code of practice
  • Field plate Load Tests
  • Safe bearing Capacity form SPT and CPT
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Boussinesq equation for a point load
  • Uniformly loaded circular and rectangular area
  • Pressure distribution diagrams
  • 2:1 method of load distribution
  • Newmarks Chart and its construction
  • Types of Combined foundations
  • Need for Raft Foundations
  • Proportioning of rafts
  • Methods of designing rafts
  • Floating Foundations
  • Design of raft foundations
  • Classification of Piles
  • Selection of piles
  • Merits and Demerits of Pile Foundations
  • Types of pile driving Hammers
  • Effect of pile driving on adjacent ground
  • Limitations of pile driving formulae
  • Cyclic Pile Load Test
  • Point resistance using cyclic pile load test
  • Separation of skin friction
  • General Theory
  • Piles in Clay
  • Safe load on a Friction and point Bearing pile
  • Pile in sand
  • Spacing of piles in a group
  • Factors affecting capacity of a pile group
  • Efficiency of pile group
  • Settlement of pile groups in sand
  • Negative skin friction
  • Use of Caissons
  • Types of caissons
  • Stability Analysis
  • Thickness of Staining of wells
  • Pneumatic caisson and uses
  • Components of a well foundation
  • Calculation of allowable bearing pressure
  • Conditions for stability of a well
  • Forces acting on a well foundation
  • Determination of Scour depth

For a quick review, please watch our videos here 👉🏻 Online Engineering Videos For Foundation Engineering