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Why Magic Marks is the best option for your engineering education?

Oct 7, 2015

MagicMarks is an online portal that offers India’s largest library of visual engineering tutorials. This Digital learning solution is for students studying B.Tech engineering in Indian colleges and universities.

The courseware has been presented in such a manner that it is useful even for students studying for competitive examinations. There are many aspects of this digital learning portal that appeal to students of engineering courses.

Entirely visual: The entire courseware on this portal has been painstakingly converted in to the form of visual animations with rich imagery. This not only enhances the engagement level of learners, it vastly improves the comprehension level for engineering students as many concepts are best explained visually.

Guided voiceover: The engineering video lectures are equipped with high quality voiceover based on a sample chosen from among hundreds. The voiceover is in a tone and accent that appeal to the Indian audience and is crystal clear for understanding. This combination of voice and video make for an effective engineering tutorial.

True-to-Life imagery: Immense care has been taken to select the best of rich images for the creation of engineering videos on MagicMarks. This results in high quality videos that are extremely engaging and convey the concepts in a remarkable manner.

Strictly mapped to curriculum: The authors at MagicMarks have ensured that the online courseware maps to the engineering curriculum of major technical universities in India. Hence, it not only provides the best of learning, it also enables the students to get top marks in their engineering courses.

Inbuilt assessment module: No learning is complete until the pupil is checked for his understanding level at each logical step. The assessments in MagicMarks have been scientifically crafted to provide a self-test and understanding to the student as he progresses through the various lessons and topics.

Based on proven pedagogies: Care has been taken to base the courseware on proven educational pedagogies to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. These are scientifically tested and implemented concepts followed by top-notch eLearning programs the world over.

Introductory zero-risk trial: The best part is that the student is able to have a MagicMarks experience without investing a penny. On being satisfied, the 7 days trial can be converted into a proper paid membership to the portal.

Wish you Happy eLearning with MagicMarks!