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Digital Platform

Digital Platform Paves Way for Reformed Learning

Aug 28, 2019

The world is going digital – one needs to be online to access almost anything under the sun – everything is at their fingertips. In that respect, the process of receiving education has also changed monumentally. Read on to learn how digital platforms are evolving the way one learns.

Access to Information
Today, students, teachers and many educators are navigating their way around the abundance of knowledge online. They are steadily understand more about the most accessible and effective tools to use from the endless bank of valuable resources available online. eLearning is helping bridge the gap between students and their teachers. There are many online lectures by teachers where they also include important study material that the students may focus on, to strengthen their learning curve. There are also reputed teachers and educators that have unique and impactful ways to teach, and a student sitting anywhere in the world can connect with the respective professor if they happen to make an impact with their teaching. Students can now access varied questionnaires, quizzes and tips without missing out on quality education.

Qualitative and Quantitative
There are many students that appear for reputed exams but the course material they receive or the kind of learning experience they get is not upto the mark. This deteriorates their grades and also poses as a hindrance in the level of learning they do and how. There are still a lot of schools and colleges in India where the state of classrooms is deplorable – online study material offers a constructive way out of degraded resources that many students face on a daily basis.

Magic Marks is one such digital platform that offers study materials for engineering students. It ensures they are thorough with their courseware that includes engineering video lectures of courses like mechanical, civil and applied sciences. It also has top notch 2D animations, an excellent voice-over to guide them, and comprehensive MCQs to help them stay updated with their real progress. If you also want to excel in your next semester, simple sign up now!