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Make The Most Of Learning Online During The Pandemic

Jun 17, 2021

The second wave of the pandemic has affected many people. From losing jobs to not having access to resources, many things are going wrong for many people. One of these communities includes students. All students deserve to have an opportunity to have an effective learning experience. Studying is of utmost importance to the youth of the country, especially in India where students work hard to have access to quality resources.

This is why more students began accessing digital learning and teachers encouraged them to inculcate this medium in their everyday life. Unfortunate circumstances led to the boom of online classes and digital courseware that have evolved the concept of traditional classrooms. The online environment gives children more room to push themselves and learn in ways that are more powerful and impactful for them.

Online courseware, especially for engineering students, keeps getting updated, with more options to check out and learn from according to one’s preferences. One can find engineering video lectures online that offer a more progressive approach and gives a comprehensive outlook to the learning process. While accessing all of this, students must keep in mind some integral points that may hinder their learning if these things are ignored. The first is definitely procrastination so students must be careful to keep an eye out on how many hours they are devoting to their studies and how seriously they are committing to the timetable or learning schedule.

Secondly, learning from home, especially in times of the pandemic, can be extremely alienating. Many students have shared how their mental health is getting affected which is further deteriorating the quality of study time. Hampering their learning curve can seriously affect how students score during their examination. This is why students must overcome alienation by connecting with their peers or classmates and push one another in a healthy manner.

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