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Online Learning Helps Students During The Worldwide Pandemic

Sep 3, 2020

With the spread of the coronavirus across the world, these unprecedented times have left people to feel vulnerable. With each passing month, governments are trying hard to get ahead of this unexpected situation and help their citizens feel more safe and protected. The education sector is also seeing troubling times, with schools, colleges, and other educational institutions being shut for the most part of this year.

From examinations getting cancelled to the students missing their lectures, there has been a lot of uncertainty and the educational journey of children getting affected. This has led to a stronger surge in digital learning. This mode of education is truly saving the day as most students are learning from the comforts of their home. Engineering students, in particular, have been able to keep up with their syllabus by pursuing their respective courses via eLearning.

Digital learning is saving the day by offering two main features – quality study material and accessibility. Technology is bridging the gaps in the learning patterns of students by offering video tutorials, online study rooms and practice papers etc. It is well known that many colleges in India still lack good infrastructure and high-quality facilities that would otherwise help students have a more advanced learning experience.

Online learning is also helping in resolving the issue of flexibility. Many students are unable to learn at the same time and at the same pace. Some are even unable to assess how well they are grasping the courseware. This is where digital classroom provides mock papers and assessment tests to grade their learning curve.

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