How Digital Learning can Improve India’s Education System

Feb 23, 2016

eLearning or Digital Learning is being hailed as the future of education in India. Adopting digital learning in every professional sphere will not only solve the accessibility issues but also enable millions of young men and women, living in remote areas, to pursue a course or subject of their choice.

How Technology Can Help
Currently, the country’s education system lacks quality and accessibility to all. Technology is a great way to overcome these drawbacks and bridge the gaps in education that may students, at the primary and high school level, experience. The education system is also facing a number of other challenges that need to be overcome such as poor facilities and infrastructure, dearth of good teachers and low economic conditions of students. Technology has the power to tackle all these aforementioned issues and impart quality education to the the youth and that too at a more affordable price.
Today there are several digital learning platforms, with easy accessibility and quality courseware, being offered to students online. It is a step in the right direction to improve the education system and its quality in the country.
Magic Marks is a digital learning portal for engineering students in the country. It is currently the most popular eLearning platform that offers high-quality video tutorials accompanied by an easy-to-understand voice-over. It provides a plethora of engineering subjects under First Year courses, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Advantages of eLearning over Classroom Education

Some of the advantages are listed as follows:

– It strengthens the educational framework by providing additional benefits to students that traditional classrooms cannot. Scientific concepts can be explained in the form of videos or high-def 3D imagery that would help the students to grasp the concepts better and faster.

– It provides an edge to the learners in terms of flexibility. The students can study at any time from any place and at a pace that is convenient to them. The assessments provided by the digital learning platforms help students to track their own progress and self-evaluate themselves.

– It is a great tool to upgrade one’s skills or impart knowledge transfer, since it provides an extremely dynamic way of learning. It puts the student in the driver’s seat to choose what he wants to study, when he wants to study and how much, which eventually leads to better performance.

– It is also a perfect tool for conducting corporate trainings as it is robust and portable. It helps businesses to acquire new talent, provide them knowledge transfer and also upgrade their skills.


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