Mechanical Engineering Video Lectures for eLearning

Apr 10, 2017

Mechanical Engineering is that discipline of engineering that covers the broadest scope of study. Many different areas of study are included in Mechanical Engineering like energy, dynamics, vibration, combustion, robotics, fluid mechanics and manufacturing processes among others. Hence mechanical engineers are in a lot of demand worldwide. A good mechanical engineer is expected to do the following tasks:
– Identify and study issues; find solutions to them using mechanical devices
– Create working models of the devices; test their functionality and design
– Inspect the test results and make necessary fixes to the design
– Supervise the process of manufacturing the designed device

Learning Topics covered in Video Tutorials
In this current age of digital learning, there are many platforms that offer online study materials for Mechanical Engineering. This branch of study encompasses many sub-disciplines, a few of which are summarized as follows:

Thermodynamics is a study of energy of systems and the different ways of converting and transforming this energy for useful application. For example, developing a system that changes mechanical energy to electrical energy to generate power. Thermodynamics finds application in refrigeration propulsion systems and power plants.

This area of study involves the design of products, choice of materials, identification of the optimum process and the manufacturing of the final product. Simply put, this discipline focuses on converting raw goods to complete products. The manufacturing industry includes production of automobiles, electronics, aircraft and other large scale equipment.

Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics involves the study of fluidic substances – liquids and gases. This area of study includes fluid statics, dynamics and kinematics of solid bodies in fluids and the effect of the fluid on these bodies. Designing fluid systems like pipes, valves, turbines, compressors, pumps and hydraulic systems is taught in this stream of mechanical engineering. Fluid engineering finds applications in aerospace, transportation, medicine and food among others.

Robotics engineering involves designing and creating mechanical devices that have the ability to interact with their surroundings. These devices can also be controlled by a remote. Robotic design can range from simple designs to complicated machinery, capable of handling dangerous and complex operations. Robotic engineers are in high demand in industries like agriculture and transportation.

Magic Marks
Magic Marks is a digital learning platform that offers mechanical study materials online for engineering students. The study materials are mapped to university curriculum and are presented in the form of video tutorials with great animations and a clear voice-over. The courseware also includes self-assessments, MCQs and conceptual lectures. For more details, visit


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