To All The First Year Engineering Students, There Is Something Interesting

Sep 18, 2018

The main aim of the students is to build a great career and shape themselves. Engineering is considered to be one of the most significant courses in the current scenario. In order to carve a niche for themselves, they need to focus right from the start that is – the first year.

The First-Year Engineering has a basic set of topics, the fundamentals of which are crucial for every engineering student to learn in order to create a strong foundation for their education and career.

The subjects of First-year areas are:

  • Engineering Chemistry – It provides an introduction to the basic concepts and phenomenon of fundamental chemistry and applied chemistry. The study includes molecular spectroscopy, the study of water and its treatment processes, photochemistry, basics of nano-chemistry, corrosion processes, and polymer compounds.

Engineering Chemistry


  • Engineering Physics-II – It covers Wave Mechanics, Superconductivity of substances, Nano-materials, Dielectric and magnetic properties of materials.

Engineering Physics-II


  • Engineering Graphics – This subject deals with drawing of 2D and 3D projection of points, lines, objects, surfaces and solid sections. Also, it includes drawing forms as an important part of the communication of engineering principles.

Engineering Graphics


  • Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering – This subject includes A.C circuits, D.C circuit analysis, generators and motors, p-n Junction Diodes, and Bipolar.

Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering


  • Engineering Mathematics-I – The subject includes Multiple Integration, Successive Differentiation, Vector Calculus, Partial Differentiation, and its Applications, etc.

Engineering Mathematics-I


  • Engineering Physics-I – It deals with the matter and its motion. The subject includes Polarization, Concept of Relativity, Diffraction, properties of Magnetic Materials, X-rays, Generation and Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves, Lasers, characteristics of Fiber Optics, and more.

Engineering Physics-I


  • Electronics Engineering – You can learn about Diodes, Transducers, Transistors, Amplifiers and Measuring Instruments. These are important devices that help in building Silicon technology.

Electronics Engineering


  • Electrical Engineering – This course involves DC and AC circuits and the relevant theorems. The subject includes Magnetic circuits, Power Systems, and transformers.

Electrical Engineering


  • Engineering Mathematics-II – You will get to learn about Differential Equations, Linear Differential Equation, Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential Equations of a different order.

Engineering Mathematics-II


  • Engineering Mechanics – It deals with the basics of the principles of a body in motion. We will learn about different forces and their types, Laws of Motion, friction and its laws and Centroid and Moment of Inertia of Several sections.

Engineering Mechanics

At several occasions, students find it difficult to cope up with the complexity of the subjects. This is where they need guidance and it is important to explain them the subjects with clarity. These days students have access to study materials for engineering students online so it gets easier to learn and go with the flow.

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