Digital Learning in Mechanical Engineering

Apr 14, 2016

Mechanical engineering is the discipline of engineering, which is considered to have the biggest scope for learning. It consists of various areas of study like motion, energy, dynamics, manufacturing and machines to name a few. Thus, it is no surprise that it is a well sought after the course as the demand for mechanical engineers is increasing day by day. A mechanical engineer is typically expected to study design issues and come up with solutions related to them, design and test working models for their functionality, analyze the testing and make required modifications as well as monitor all these processes.

Magic Marks is an eLearning portal that aims to provide complementary education to engineering students of India, besides their regular classroom courses. It boasts of being one of the most rapidly growing digital learning platforms in India. You can check out Magic Marks’ Mechanical Engineering detailed study materials at The entire course content is provided in the form of 2D video tutorials along with a crisp and clear English voice-over.

Mechanical Engineering Study Materials

These days, with the swift progress that digital learning has made, most mechanical engineering study materials can be procured online. Mechanical engineering, as mentioned before, includes within itself numerous sub-disciplines that are studied separately from each other. Some of the major sub-disciplines of Mechanical Engineering are listed as follows:

1) Machine Design – Machine Design is the discipline which teaches students the know-how of designing a machine and its parts to fulfill the purpose of Mechanical Objective, Optimum Material usage as well as the safety of operation. The design process includes the application of scientific principles, technical knowledge, and creative skills to meet the needed criteria. The subject covers the designing of Transmission Shafts, Fasteners, Lever, Keys and Couplings, Pipe Joints etc.

2) Materials and Metallurgy – Materials and Metallurgy deals with the foundations of Crystal structure, semiconductors, alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous materials etc. It also involves the study of their properties and testing. It covers various heat treatment processes and phase transformation curves.

3) The strength of Materials – The strength of any material refers to the maximum internal resistance that the material can offer to any external load. The external load attempts to deform a body, thus causing stress and strain to develop in the body. This area of study deals with Stress and Strain analysis in various types of loading conditions.


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  2. Mechanical engineering is a broad area that involves the research, design, testing, healthcare devices, and robots. Study in Good Mechanical Engineering collage in India may helps you to give bright future.

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