Important Features of eLearning Programs for Engineering Courses

Feb 3, 2016

Digital Learning has taken engineering education to a whole new level. Lots of eLearning platforms are emerging online that provide students with not only great study materials but also self-evaluation tests and student progress charts. eLearning portals that impart engineering education target students in Indian engineering colleges and universities as well as those appearing for competitive examinations.
All the courses are offered in the form of comprehensive video tutorials that has a clear voice-over. Magic Marks is an example of how digital learning can be extremely beneficial to students, helping them to achieve higher scores and perform better overall. Some of the advantages that a digital learning platform can offer are discussed in the following section.

Advantages of Online Engineering Education

Video Tutorials – The course contents are presented in the form of animations and high quality imagery. It helps to enhance a student’s engagement levels and also improves his understanding of core concepts and basics of a subject.

High Quality Imagery – The high quality images used by Magic Marks to create the video tutorials have been very popular among students. Not only does it help students to process the knowledge but also to grasp difficult fundamentals of the subject.

Comprehensible Voice-Over – Magic Marks provides video tutorials that are equipped with a clear, professional voice-over, which makes it easy for students to learn. The tone and nature of the voice is such that it appeals to native speakers.

Learning Pedagogies – Concepts that are scientifically proven, applied and followed worldwide for digital learning platforms are known as learning pedagogies. Most digital learning portals base their course content on such pedagogies for the best possible learning outcome.

Self- Assessments – Magic Marks provides its subscribers with self-evaluation tests and assessments to enable students to keep a track of their individual progress. These mock tests make students exam-ready by providing valuable practice. Such practice makes the student perform better and get higher scores.

Magic Marks is one of the upcoming eLearning platforms for engineering students. In the last two years it has shown rapid growth and has received lots of positive reviews from students all over the country. Magic Marks ensures that its courseware is mapped to students’ curriculum and is provided in a way that would help the students to learn easily. It has designed its course contents such as to make difficult concepts easy to understand.


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